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by frenne on October 13, 2009

I have been recently looking into different solutions for easy e-commerce implementations for the average joe.

There are several customizable products that all seem to do the job. But everything is still somewhat too difficult. I want a super-simple solution. Much easier than the widgets or pre-made themes that exist. It should be just as easy as adding a caption to a picture in any chosen environment.

Because there are many people wanting to do their own thing, selling their niche products and services such as hand-made ashtrays, cool tshirts and dog collars. Many more than there are people knowing how to implement the solution. And there is a market for it on the Internet. A big market.

If you could get just a tiny fragment of a percent all these ultra-niched product transactions, then we would be talking big money.
The perfect partner would probably be amazon or e-bay since they are an existing trust-worthy actor and also because they are lacking a proper customizable interface.

Many people want to brand the environment they sell their products and not depend on mega-huge companies but they still get the advantage of an existing platform that is always refining its usability.

What I would like to work with is an external account, and upon registration I get my unique ID. And by adding a URL+ID+Pricing tag it would automatically apply a roll-over function or a simple field connected to the productimage/productvideo where I can add it to a cart and buy it from.


This service could also act as an escrow partner to guarantee safety and serious transactions.

That would be awesome!