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Emotional incentives

by frenne on September 27, 2009

What if we could help people less fortunate?
We give money.

What if we could help people less fortunate to earn money?
We help by offering micro-loans and the opportunity to start their own businesses.

What if we could help Mark Essen build a new computer game that he wants to do?
We turn to kickstarter.

This is something I stumbled upon a while ago.
It works sort of like charity mixed with micro loans. People with dreams and ambition can make their cases with a video, some text and an emotional pay-back plans.


If you invest in a project you will not get any money back with interest. You will be rewarded with just small tokens of appreciation or other symbolic gestures.

A girl named Allison Weiss wanted to record a new EP and was looking for some funding. After one day she had reached her goal of gathering 2000. To this date people have invested almost  8 000$ in her project.

This is in my opinion, a really interesting evidence of the power of the internet.
I just love the fact that you can get help achieving your dreams that don’t need to be all that serious.
Maybe you don’t want to change the world today, maybe you only want to record a song, or create some art.

And this a magical place to make it happen.

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