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Folkdräkt 2.0

by frenne on July 8, 2010

The Case Movie:

Sweden’s Tourist Association celebrated their 125 year anniversary. To celebrate this and point out its legacy the superior knowledge of Sweden, we strived to find something with as rich heritage. On top of that, we wanted to show that STF is renewing themselves and are always evolving.

We found a vessel, as old as STF. With as many interpretations as Swedens different variations. Something almost forgotten yet sacred and unchanged.

We found the Swedish Folk costume.

Folkdräkt 2.0 logo STF

Folkdräkt 2.0 was a competition in a collaboration with Swedens renowned fashion schools to update the Swedish folk costume, one for each province.

The 25 most promising designers got each a province assigned to them. To which they travelled to, stayed at STF’s hostels and got to experience what that province was all about. The gathered inspiration, met people and analysed the small things their province was built upon. The History, traditions and new trends became the foundation of their mission to update the folk costumes.

The contestants got each a blog where they could document the process from idea to finished costume.

The whole of Sweden could follow their journey and vote on their favourite. In the end there were 10 finalists left.

The finale was a big fashion show that were streamed live. A jury lead by Swedens fashion guru Kay Bond nominated the winner.

The reactions to Folkdräkt 2.0 were enormous. By having 25 messengers travelling around Sweden and charging each contestant with the patriotism of Swedens 25 provinces, media went wild. The Folk costume was so vibrant that the protectors of the folk costume went head to head with the people cheering for the initiative.

The result was over 14 features on SVT (public service TV broadcasting), over 12 features on TV4, countless mentions over Public Service Radio stations and even more articles in local newspapers including the front cover in a national newspaper SVD. An article about the winning contribution was commented almost 200 times and the SERP (Search engine results page) went from 3 hits to 278 000 hits.

The activity generated a PR value from 20 to 30 million SEK. And the total budget was 0.25 million SEK.

The winning costume was the contribution to Dalarna and was given to our crown princess Victoria as a wedding gift.

Foto: Daniel Cohn

See the project here

The fashion show

Or read the journey for each contestant.
Janna Berggren Lidia Blomgren Victoria Cleverby Åsa Copparstad Helena Garnfors Karin Granstrand Malin Henningsson Svetlana Hällsten Hanna Johansson Frostell Julia Krantz Jessica Ljung Karl Melin Elina Nilsson Kai-Åge Nordahl Åsa Norman Karin Nylinder Annie och Saga-Sofia Karoline Pettersson Anna Svensson Annika Wahlström Lina Westin Katarina Widegren Anna Zander


Sweden’s most Swedish Job

by frenne on October 14, 2009

This is a Campaign for Svenska Turistföreningen (Sweden’s Tourist Association).


STF is Sweden’s Tourist Association handling hostel and alpine chalets all over Sweden. The members of STF is an aging group and few young people know much about them. Our challenge was to change the apparence of STF and attract younger people to become members of STF.

Make Swedes wanting to re-discover our country by displaying it in a new interesting way.
We wanted to create a modern version of a classic tale by Selma LagerlöfThe wonderful adventures of Nils“. A tale about a boy flying on a goose across all the historical provinces of Sweden.
But we did it as a job – Sweden’s most Swedish Job.

We divided the campaign into 2 phases:
1. Casting
2. The Adventure

1. The first phase was to find the person who where to travel all over Sweden. We needed someone that knew how to handle the social medias and made the application through youtube and twitter. In this phase we choose to tap into the conversation of another successful campaign, The Best Job in the World. This exploded as a hot topic in the media all over Sweden.

Finally we found Calle.

2. During the final phase which were the actual campaign we sent of Calle to travel around Sweden for 60 days. On his side he had the photographer Filip who documented the entire trip.
We created a blog where everything was documented using blog posts, videos, tweets, GPS-coordinates, game-shows, hostels and live-streams.

The Results
The campaign became a huge success.
Over 70% more traffic to STF’s website.
167 000 unique visitors per month
PR value over 7 300 000 SEK for just offline channels (TV, Radio, Newspapers)
Online sales went up with 50%

Account manager: Johan Sjöberg
Art Director: Henrik Frenne
Art Director: Thea Hamrén
Creative Director: Fredrik Lundgren
Copywriter: Walter Naeslund
Producer: Marlene Hernbrand
Programmer: Joel Larsson

Creative Director: Fredrik Lundgren
Art Director: Henrik Frenne
AD ass: Thea Hamrén
Copy: Walter Naeslund
Programmerare: Joel Larsson
Produktionsledare: Marlene Hernbrand
Projektledare/kundansvarig: Johan Sjöber



by frenne on October 9, 2009

After a first year of successfully launching the Swedish insurance company Atava, the time had come to introduce their box fresh home insurance.
Target group: Young urban people.

Our challenge was to promote Atava’s brand as they were new in the market and also to present their home insurance.
The target group were young adults in major cities.

With a smashing payoff ringing in our heads, “Online, we’re all neighbours”, we started the build of a new type of house – on Internet – where anyone was welcome to move in. All they needed was a webcam.

The plot: Get into the house, broadcast yourself as much as possible and stay there as long as you can. If the viewers like you, you’ll get their votes and get to stay another day. If not, you’ll be evicted and replaced by someone from the housing queue. The audience decides.

First, we launched a teaser trailer

Secondly, we launched a prelaunch phase in order to get tenants and to build up anticipation.


Lastly, we launched the final phase. This is what happened.

On August 20th, 2008 the House of Atava was ready to host its first nine settlers. At exactly 8 PM (Swedish time) on that day the house was introduced with a unanimous housewarming event in all nine apartments.

During a period of one month (30 days, 720 hours) of almost nonstop broadcasts the house had over 30 tenants, more than a hundred people waiting in line – in the housing queue.

  • No bought media.
  • 136 000 Unique visitors.
  • 36% of the visitors stayed more than 27 minutes.
  • Sales of insurance with over 200% from day one of campaign launch.
  • 101 000 chat posts from visitors (swedish site).
  • 670 referring blogs.

No bought media.136 000 Unique visitors.36% of the visitors stayed more than 27 minutes.Sales of insurance with over 200% from day one of campaign launch.101 000 chat posts from visitors (swedish site).670 referring blogs.

The House of Atava was closed for renovation on September 20, 2008.

See the entire case here.

Account manager: Johan Sjöberg
Art Director: Henrik Frenne
Creative Director: Fredrik Lundgren
Copywriter: Martin Ödman
Motion: Markus Lundqvist
Producer: Marlene Hernbrand
Programmer: Arwid Thornström, Joel Blanco Berg


The queue guy

by frenne on October 9, 2009

In order to launch the Swedish insurance company Atava, with a target group of young urban people. We created a character called “The queue guy”.

This is the “documentary”.

Account manager: Johan Sjöberg
Art Director: Henrik Frenne
Creative Director: Fredrik Lundgren
Copywriter: Mia Robertsson
Programmer: Thomas Aldrin
Producer: Marlene Hernbrand



by frenne on October 8, 2009

Advert for SF (Swedish Movie industry).

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